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How to get paid

Congratulations! You made a sale. We want to send you your cash. Getting paid at Monetized requires a Stripe Express account. Here’s how you set it up:
Log in to Keyosk. From your Dashboard, click on the Account drop down menu in the top right corner. Select Account Settings.
notion image
In your Account Settings, select Integrations in the menu on the left. Click the Configure button for Stripe.
notion image
You will be taken to Stripe. Log in to your existing account or create a new Stripe Express account.
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You’ll see this message when your account is linked:
notion image
Once your Keyosk account is connected with your Stripe account, you will return to the Keyosk Profile where you can add your user name, biographical information and profile image.
It’s that easy!
Please note: Your customers have a 24-hour refund window. Payments will not be processed until that window has closed. Payment transfers to your bank account will be made 14 business days after successful transactions occur.