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Create payment-gated landing pages for your content.

No coding required.

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Convert Content Into Revenue.

Keyosk turns your work, one link at a time, into online storefronts that you control.

You have the content. We help you get paid.

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Broaden Your Platform

Offer your content via link redirects, embeds, free-standing pages, and QR codes.

Extend your brand with customizable layouts, content descriptions, automatic screenshots, and calls to action.

Accept CC Payments

Charge your customers. Choose a price for your content from $1.00 to $50.00, one web address at a time.

Your Keyosk landing page guarantees that only your paying customers will be able to access your content.

Generate Buzz

Share your content. Your new Keyosk link advertizes your content for sale.

Discover your best sellers and biggest fans with built-in analytics that track engagement, sales, and social feedback.

Get Paid

Keyosk tracks your sales and transfers funds directly into your bank account. We only get paid when you do.

You own your content and can change or unpublish it at any time.

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  1. Link Your Content Enter a URL that you want to monetize.
  2. Set Your Price From $1 to $50.
  3. Monetize Your Link Press the 'Start Earning' button to generate your payment-gated landing page.

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Easy Pricing


Pay as you Go

$0 / month

What's included

  • Unlimited Payment Pages and Monetized Links
  • Platform fee of 7% of sales
  • Credit Card fees of $0.29 plus 2.9%
  • Real-time analytics
  • Cancel anytime


Support Us

$20 / month

What's included

  • All free features plus
  • No platform fee
  • Credit Card fees of $0.29 plus 2.9%
  • Customizable Call To Action
  • Priority Support