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Welcome to Keyosk

We’re happy you’re here.

Keyosk makes it easy for you to earn money for your content, directly from your audience.
What we do here is different. Keyosk turns your content, one URL at a time, into online storefronts that you control. Think of it as an a la carte paywall: Any of your online content with a dedicated URL can get its own payment-gated landing page so that only your paying customers can access your work. You choose the price for the content for the audience you want to reach.
We built Keyosk for independent content creators because we believe your work is valuable. We know you need a better way to feature your work and get paid for it.
We built Keyosk to be:
Effortless. Use our form to build your pages. No coding required.
Dependable. Keyosk runs on proven technology. It’s the way the internet was supposed to be.
Simple. In fewer than 30 seconds you can build your first page.
Trusted. Keyosk integrates with Stripe to get you paid fast.
Practical. Charge the price you choose for the content you choose for the audience you choose.
Intuitive. Keyosk turns your content into a featured product your audience will know how to buy.
Everyday. You focus on your content. Don’t worry about creating a newsletter or a subscriber list.
Keyosk is your content, monetized. You have the content, we help you get paid.